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Welcome to the pick-a-prompt thread for the Genderswap Ficathon.

To remind you how this works, you just pick a prompt here (don't need to claim, don't even have to tell me, just find whatever takes your fancy!). You then go off, have fun writing it, and post it to your own journal (or a suitable community if you prefer and its okay with that comm). Then you come back here, and post a comment to this thread.

In commenting to announce a fulfilled prompt, can you please:
1) Put the number of the prompt in the subject line
2) Put the title, the link to the story, the author(s), the pairing, a rating, and any warnings for the fic (i.e.: rape scene, character death, story on crack, whatever).

For example:
Subject: #34
Title: The team that slays together...
Link: http://verbosemofo.livejournal.com/14303.html
Author: verbosemofo
Pairing: gen (tiny Chekov/Sulu if you squint)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Vampire slayage, utter crack

I will then collate that info for the masterlist.

There is no cut-off deadline for stories. However, at the request of a few people via email who wanted a deadline to work to, I will start masterposting in three weeks - 30th of July, 2009. If you miss that date, that's cool, I'll add you in as you finish, but for those who want a deadline, there you go :)

Finally, just a reminder that the cast must be fully genderswapped. If you need inspiration, I recommend this photoessay of a genderswapped cast as a good place to start ;) Also, people can claim multiple prompts, and the same prompt can be claimed multiple times. The goal is to get a lot of stories about kickass women!

Now, onto the fun stuff:
(Note: These prompts used a variety of genderswapped names, so I am stealing borrowing a note from one of the prompts:
”I'm picking random names here people - if you don't fancy them, pick girlie names for our boys *grin*” Just please note in the header information if you have done so)


1. Bomani Uhura/Hitomi Sulu -- Sulu teaches Uhura self-defense.

2. Jamie Kirk/Hitomi Sulu -- They both like to go fast.

3. Jamie Kirk/Hitomi Sulu -- Sulu participates in a fencing competition, and Kirk tags along.

4. Hitomi Sulu/Kisa Chekova -- Sulu teaches Chekova how to flirt and other life skills that teenaged math geniuses don't bother learning.

5. Sulu/Chekov - The goofy but cute adventures of Sulu and Chekov!

6. Chekov/Sulu - Sulu decides that Chekov pays way too much attention to her books and needs some sort of physical activity. After she sees Chekov being picked on post-Nerada pre-Enterprise, she decides to teach her some self-defence skills. Can be Gen/PG or slightly steamier.

7. Lena McCoy/Kisa Chekova -- Chekova reminds McCoy a little of her daughter; Chekova's own feelings towards Dr. McCoy aren't very filial.

8. Marla Scott/Kisa Chekova -- drinking buddies. And girl watching. Discussing the merits of the Captain's ass, or the CMO's HANDS. *dies*

9. Jamie Kirk/Bomani Uhura -- Uhura had always been too boring (their words; not his) for the bad girls to pay much attention to. He didn't know why Kirk was still interested in him for three years and counting.

10. Lena McCoy/Marla Scott -- Drinking buddies.

11. Jean Kirk/Martha Scott - after the Nerada, these two go out for a night on the town to blow off steam, and end up blowing off another way. *gasp* Did I just say that outloud? *grin*

12. Jamie Kirk/Lena McCoy -- Kirk never expected to be a mom, especially not to a little girl more interested in dolls than in spaceships.

13. Lenore McCoy/Jane Kirk - I want them rooming together in the academy and pissing each other off.

14. Kirk/McCoy - McCoy misses her son and Kirk tries to comfort her, but she never really learned how to do that.

15. Jamie Kirk/Lenora McCoy -- Jamie is quite possibly the cockiest woman in the Academy; and that's saying something, considering who her peers are. In a shared class, Lenora does something to knock her down a peg or two.

16. Jamie Kirk/Spock/Lenora McCoy -- or any variation of the afore, really. Snuggle buddies.

17. Jeanie Kirk/Lenora McCoy - The first shuttlecraft meeting. Lenora just got divorced, and divorced hard, and Jeanie can only see the benefits that the Academy might offer for Lenora. Especially when they discover that they've been assigned the same room.

18. Jean & Lenora going out on the town, playing pool, flirting with each other in an attempt to pick up a few guys, and getting a bit distracted with each other instead, or afterwards.

19. Katherine Pike/Jamie Kirk -- Pike never wanted to take advantage of her position, even when gorgeous, mouthy cadets made it obvious that it wasn't a one-way attraction.

20. Katherine Pike/Jamie Kirk -- Kirk's fantasies of tying Pike up start feeling a little inappropriate after what happens on the Narada.

21. I want the genderswapped bar scene. If you throw in Pike/Kirk at the end, fine and dandy, but mostly I want the scene, because omg how awesome would that be?

22. Pike/McCoy -- in the sickbay, after the excitement, a peaceful moment which Pike uses to bitch, and if she gets a response along the lines of "I'd say your legs are damn useful. They've been keeping me happy just by existing, and believe me, no one wants an unhappy CMO at a time like this", but better phrased obvs., I will be happier than a very happy thing.

23. Spock/Bomani Uhura. -- Uhura topping SO hard, grunting and swearing and telling Spock how she doesn't know "what that logic does to me, baby".

24. Leonora McCoy/Spock -- right, so everyone knows women are more emotional than men. Leonora sets about reminding Spock of her half-human, female hormones...complete with mood swings and antagonizing until one or both is furious. Sex ensues. Bonus points for apologies and snuggles after.

25. Winston/Georgia Kirk -- HOW DOES THE KELVIN HAPPEN, THIS TIME AROUND? I'm picturing Georgia being all "PLEASE KILL ME NOW" in labor, passing new-bloody-Janet to her waiting engineer husband Winston, running off to the bridge, and then... getting her wish granted. But swing it however you like, I just wanna know how it works out, given, uh, technical difficulties.

26. Jamie Kirk/PICK SOMEONE OMG. -- it's possible Jamie hides her intelligence even more than her male counterpart does. Someone finds out, and we all know that confidence is sexy, but intelligence? EVEN MORE.

27. JAMIE KIRK AND GLASSES! -- discuss, discuss, discuss! *bounce*

28. Kirk gen - how would her story change/stay the same?

29. Pike gen - someone is all "hey, this crew is nearly all female! Special treatment!" and then Pike is badass.

30. something from Capt. Pike's academy days? Especially since in TOS, it was either implied or outright stated that there were no female starship captains, and the way Janeway acts implies that she's one of, if not the first -- and Voyager takes place over a century later. Possibly including the real life fact that women are better fighter pilots than men (better reflexes and ability to multi-task).

31. a fic about the Starfleet uniforms. Why the women's uniform doesn't have a trouser option, or alternatively, why in this AU it does (Capt. Pike staged a protest?). Something about Uhura's boots, and what her male counterpart wears (steel-toed combat boots?) would also work.

32. I want sleepy, sexy times aboard the Enterprise! Before work, after a long shift, whatever. Pick a pairing, any pairing, I am really okay with the concept of girls and this ship!

33. Pike/Nero aboard the Narada. Or, hell, gen would be fine, too, but I'd love to see fuckery, mindfuckery, and exploration of what happened to Nero's baby, this time around, given that it can't exactly have died in Romulus. Nero has a sulky teenage son helping her out? Nero killed Robau because, hello, pregnant temper tantrum? WHO KNOWS?

34. Ensemble - Buffy!AU. Either ST people in Sunnydale, or Kirk being a Slayer in 2387. Pike can be her Watcher!

In-story Genderswap

35. genderswap orgy. the crew suddenly finds themselves genderswapped, and in the name of "science", they begin to experiment with their new bodies.

Even if you didn't prompt, you can still write a prompt, so please spread the word and have fun.


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Jul. 31st, 2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
I have a crappy picture to contribute for prompt 27 (Jamie Kirk with glasses)


You don't say whether pictures are allowed, but I figured you probably wouldn't mind ^__^
Jul. 31st, 2009 08:30 pm (UTC)
all i've been getting is pics, actually :) (ppl have been emailing me stuff direct instead of commenting)

Oh, I love it! that's great. I'm doing the master post tonight, so if you know anyone else who's playing along, give them a push!
Aug. 1st, 2009 07:51 pm (UTC)
Awesome, I can't wait to see what everyone's done. ^^
Aug. 26th, 2009 01:47 am (UTC)
Prompt #25 in ST Genderswap Pick-A-Prompt
Title: He Wonders How This Is Winning
Author: Seergirl
Link: http://seergirl.livejournal.com/2009/08/25/
Pairing: Georgia Kirk/Winston Kirk
Rating: PG
Warnings: Character death (duh), prompt not exactly as asked for, un-betaed (Goddess Help me)
Summary: Georgia Kirk has been a mother for exactly seven minutes and fifteen seconds.
Aug. 26th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
Re: Prompt #25 in ST Genderswap Pick-A-Prompt
yay, first fic, thanks. updating the masterlist directly
Aug. 26th, 2009 04:45 am (UTC)
Re: Prompt #25 in ST Genderswap Pick-A-Prompt
I'm first fic?

I'm a newbie writer with no beta and a broken arm and I have first fic?

Aug. 26th, 2009 05:13 am (UTC)
Re: Prompt #25 in ST Genderswap Pick-A-Prompt
its all been art so far! list updated ;)
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