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kind of giving up on life but thats okay

28 June
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  • verbosemofo@livejournal.com
This is the fic-posting journal made as a backup for a dying archive and to get around a friend's only banner on my main lj. Most of the fics listed here are reposts of fics posted elsewhere (a long time ago!). Since my home journal was targeted by trolls and had to be locked down, I've moved my fic here. Sorry for the inconvenience, please update your links accordingly.

I am a slack records-keeper, so if you think I wrote a fic but can't find it here or at my off-LJ archive, please drop me a note here and I'll either go find it or admit that it wasn't mine :)

JOURNALWIDE DISCLAIMER: All fic contained here uses characters and persons that are in no way affliated with the author. Fictional characters and source texts are the property of their respective owners. Real people own themselves. No disrespect intended. Please, for all that is holy, Don't Google Yourself.

UPDATE: Since I'm a VERY slack records keeper, trying out using a delicious account to keep track.